Caring for the Earth, caring for the people and share the surplus

Permaculture has inspired the owners since 1998. Having passed for several Permaculture Design Courses (Lea Harrison, Geoff Lawton) the design of Aarde-Werk de Stegge is built on these principles: caring for the Earth, caring for people and share the surplus. Since 2006 volunteers from all over the world have contributed to the biodiversity and health of the soil.  We started with only one produce (corn), even not edible for people, now we eat and enjoy year-round from the lands abundance in vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and medicinal plants. We can provide our own firewood for 2 small-sized woodburners for heating the Tiny House and Stroyurt and there is a lot of wood, willow branches and bambu for our construction-needs yearround. 


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