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European Solidarity Corps 


It is a great honour and pleasure to be able to have several European volunteers here year-round. As we are qualified by European Solidarity Corps, we can participate in this inspiring project. We aim to offer young volunteers (18-30 years old):

- to provide a lasting learning experience to young people from other European countries , in the process of adapting to a sustainable way of living for themselves

- offering an opportunity to contribute to a sustainable designed farmlife on a daily basis

- offering a learning-by-doing opportunity by a 6-10 months living and working together on the farm 

The Profile of the ESC- participants: 

We look for a multi-tasker with social skills:

- eager to learn

- curious to understand natural processes in Nature

- positive towards living outdoors and curious to know more about permaculture

- we love to have someone with skills in building and carpenting

 Volunteers are involved in the following type of activities: 

- sowing, planting and harvesting in the herbal and vegetable gardens;

- pruning and harvesting in the orchards and food forest;

- landscaping and ornamental gardening;

- watering plants and fruit trees, taking care of the animals (chickens)

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