Who we are


Aarde-Werk de Stegge

The farm ‘De Stegge’ is located in the rural hamlet of Kotten just outside Winterswijk, in the Netherlands. Situated on two hectares of rich and biodiverse land the farm consists of a small forest, meadows, orchard, wetland features and an organic vegetable garden. There are many secluded spots to withdraw, sit, relax and connect with nature. The extensive vegetable and herb gardens, forest, apple and pear orchard and chickens provide a year-round bounty of organic food, building and medicinal supplies.

One of the main goals of Aarde-Werk de Stegge is to create an optimum production surplus, while maintaining a feasible balance between producing and consuming in closed cycles. This in order to inspire all people who stay on the farm for a shorter or longer period, to live and work in a fulfilling way. To volunteers this means that they are invited to develop a lifestyle with sustainable techniques, with almost no harm to nature.

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